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Blend: Helichryum, cardamom, Green Mandarin, Petitgrain, Wintergreen, Patchouli with Labradorite Crystals


PURPOSE: Align with the Healer within; align Body, Mind & Soul


ACTIVATION: Process buried emotions, listen to body messages and respond with grace, connect with inner knowing, speed up the healing process, transform old, outdated patterns, alchemize pain into purpose, and stimulate inner motivation to move in alignment





Innocence of childhood, back to basic needs, mothering self, gratitude and appreciation of the wonder of life, pure potential



Ancestral wisdom, generational healing, re-patterning, writing new stories, forgiveness, awareness and balance



Healer of pain, spiritual support, restores belief in restoration, hope for living, drawing wisdom from pain, rebirth



Fully present in body, grounding and stabilizing, align spirit with body, calms nervous system, release judgment on body, physical strength, peace 



Regain objectivity, mental sobriety, and self-control, balance and mental clarity, digest anger and bring back to center, stop blaming others, take personal ownership and responsibility for healing



Surrender, let go of pain and surrender to higher power, don’t have to do life alone, receive Divine support 


USES: Apply to area you are carrying pain, or apply to feet, spine, heart and crown of head 2-3 x a day. May be used in combination with the “I am the Medcine; A Soul’s Mantra” to deepen intention. 

Healer Essential Oil Blend with Labradorite

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