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We see the truth of who you are and not any limiting stories you have made up about yourself. We help you restore your truth. We are intentional about every single thing we create and every word we write, hoping to fan your flames and see you brave even more. We know the sweet spot to live in peace will require you to let go, so we are here to hold space for you in the painful, messy middle. 


We believe it’s time to allow yourself to rest deeply, with no cords attached. And we will do our best to show you an easier way and remind you that your soul already knows this way. We promise to let love lead us as we dive deep below the surface and meet your soul truth with ours. 


Our soulful creations were birthed with intention to support you in your own soul work. We offer circles, meditations, retreats, and sacred tools to remind you, it’s time to trust yourself once more.

You are the medicine, your soul knows the way, and you are what you've been waiting for.


We are Soul Truth. 




Brianne is a Wife, Mother, Healer, Writer, Creative, Facilitator and Founder of Soul Truth International


Brianne started her healing work over 20 years ago when her heart (and sister) guided her to massage school. The doors to the healing path swung wide open, and she didn’t hesitate to jump all in. She had been waiting for this, a way out of her pain.


She immersed herself in the work of the Healer practicing 20+ modalities and learning how to intuitively listen and heal the Body. She expanded into Esthetics and Health Coaching to deepen her holistic approach of healing from the inside out. 


In 2009, she fell in love with essential oils and the mission of doTERRA. She aligned with thousands of Healers around the world to awaken others to the benefits of essential oils. She worked beside many brilliant minds in the Alternative Health Industry and her business grew immensely over the next 10 years. She traveled the world teaching workshops and empowering families to become aware and responsible for their own healing. 


Soul Truth was born in 2016 after losing her second parent to cancer. Living in Hawaii at the time with her four children and husband, she hit a massive burnout, and could no longer run from the root cause of her pain, she was ready for a deeper descent. Immersing herself in the work of the soul, she surrendered and allowed Spirit to lead her to higher ground. She freed herself by asking soul-driven questions, which led to the birth of the inspired Soul Truth Daily Awareness Card Deck.


Soul Truth continues to expand, with the creation of programs, retreats, intentional tools, and pathways for healing and growing. Brianne lives in the majestic Wyoming mountains, where she runs Soul Truth Studios and White Buffalo Healing Tools Shop. Soul Truth Collective is a place to land into your most authentic self while you expand into your most wild dreams. With the support of a community that has your back.


Her mission is to help others connect with their Divine essence and let their soul be their guide, to stop looking for answers outside of themselves so they can move in alignment with their soul’s purpose. Bri believes in miracles, in love that is unconditional, that laughter is the best medicine, and when you heal, the world heals.

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