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Soul Truth intention Flags include soul-guided questions that will transform all areas of your life. When you answer intentional questions, you give your soul a voice and a chance to be heard. In exploring your truth, you will discover what lies you have been telling yourself that keep you from growing. With every lie released and every truth revealed, you become more aligned with your most authentic, free self. Plant each question in your heart and trust the answers will come.


Daily questions that will transform your life:
What am I grateful for? 
What dream am I ready to realize? 
What am I ready to release? 
How can I align more with my values?
What does my soul most want? 
What if the path was easy?
How can I show more courage today? 


Watercolor photo paper, hand stitched.


Soul Truth Intention Flags are a perfect addition to any sacred space.

Soul Truth Intention Flags

SKU: 013
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