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Full-Size Yoga Mat: “Am I in my head or heart?” (Purple)

Feel yourself drop into your heart and clear any doubt, stress, or need to control the outcome. Allow your heart to guide you to deeper healing and wider possibilities. When an aligned heart leads a willing mind, miracles will happen. 


3 Color Options Available: 

1. Purple: Am I in my head or heart?

2. Blue: What if it was Easy?

3. Pink: What am I looking for outside myself that is already within me? 

Soul Intention (Purple Full Size) Yoga Mat “Am I in my head or heart?”

SKU: 004
    • Material: Soft luxurious eco-friendly suede
    • Color & Artwork: (Purple) Am I in my head or heart?
    • Features: Anti-slip front and back, soulful questions, wipe clean or machine washable, rolls up for easy travel
    • Dimensions:183cm x 68cm (Generous for all body heights)
    • Thickness: 4mm
    • Includes: The product comes with a small spray bottle to create your own yoga mat cleaner. Lightly spritz mat, easy to clean.
    • Other Available Colors: Blue and Pink
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