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16x24 Canvas Art


La Luna,

I can see, my shadow within, staring back at me.

the stuff I hide, the swollen shame, i run with no end,

from grief's sharp pain. in silence i hear you,

calling my name, i sense and feel you,

we are one in the same. you teach me to pause,

you teach me to rest, you show me the truth,

of my tangled mess.i start to believe,

i stay awake, i begin to uncover,

all sides that ache. i learn to accept,

i resist no more, the whole of me,

washed up to shore. the brilliant treasures,

with grace as my guide, i restore what was lost,

with each new tide. i can always return,

to the truth I know, into the darkness within,

i will bravely go. 

Poem by Brianne Hovey

La Luna (Soul Inspired) 16"x24" Canvas Print

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