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Amethyst is the Dream Weaver, Spiritual Guide, Dream Protector, and Alignment Coach


Lotus Symbol: The lotus symbol symbolizes purity, enlightenment, and rebirth.


Soul Intention Crystal Bracelets:

Soul Intention Bracelets:

What does your soul most want? Your soul is waiting for you to make your move. It wants you to experience unlimited joy, success, and abundance. But first, you must be aligned with what your soul most wants. Your soul gently and consistently calls you to clear the doubt, reach higher, and experience what's possible for you. 


It all starts with an intention. These Soul Intention Bracelets were designed to help you get clear on what you want, plant the seed of possibility, and keep your focus on your dreams. Remember, if the dream is in you, it is for you.


This bracelet was created to invite you to no longer resist the dreams that live inside you. The dreamer within is the change maker, the fire starter, who will not settle for anything but a beautiful life. Align with this spirit that are you. It is time to adjust your belief systems to encompass the entire universe as your creative partner in life. What dream will you weave into reality? 


I was made to realize my dreams:

What dream are you ready to manifest? What will it feel like when you are living this dream? 


From a grateful space within you, ask yourself, what else is possible? Listen. Then, write your intention of what you want, and wear it daily. Focus on what’s working and let your heart drive. With consistent, intuitive action and divine timing, you will witness your inspired dream take root and manifest. Trust yourself and trust your dream. You are the Dream Weaver.

Dream Weaver (Amethyst) Soul Intention Bracelet

SKU: 012
    • Material: Amethyst Crystal
    • Symbol: Stamped with a lotus symbol 
    • Size: Adjustable to fit most wrists
    • Warning: Keep away from water or oils. 
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